About JT Farms
JT Farms is a small family owned and operated meat, poultry & produce farm located in scenic and historic Ellington, CT at 156 West Road. The land has been different types of farms since the 1800's and was purchased by Joseph Teixeira in 2005. Joe T started out small, selling corn and a few vegetables. It wasn't long before the word spread that JT Farms had some of the sweetest tastiest corn in New England and people started traveling from NY, NJ, PA and beyond every year to get their hands on JT Farms sweet and delicious corn. As the loyal customer base grew so did the business. Today, along with corn and produce JT Farms sells beef, pork and poultry, as well as selected items from other local businesses such as honey, jam and fruits. Every year Joe T strives to improve the selection and quality of items sold at the farm. If you like fresh delicious meat and produce without harmful steroids or antibiotics,  JT Farms is the place for you!.
Our beef is grass fed
With the huge Increase of popularity in our beef there are a lot of people asking if our beef is grass fed. The answer is yes we feed our cattle grass, from birth they are either on pasture or their hay bunks are full at all times. Our cattle are all raised on forage, hay and silage, (ground up Corn stalks) we do this to give them a well-rounded healthy balanced diet. Believe it or not the whole ground up corn stalk has good nutritional value that grasses alone do not provide. We have tried raising 100% grass fed beef in the past and surprisingly the animals are not as healthy or tasty. The most common complaints from steady customers on our 100% grass fed beef were the meat was dry, did not contain enough fat and was sometimes tough or chewy. We have diligently been working for years to combat all these flaws with both genetics and feeding. We now have a product that is superior in taste, tenderness and eating ability to any supermarket meat, so called 100% grass fed beef or any other local beef in the area. We strive to put the best, highest quality and healthiest beef possible on your plate. We never use any antibiotics, hormones or steroids. Our beef is conceived in Ellington, born in Ellington and raised in Ellington. We do not buy someone else’s culled animals not knowing what was done to their parents or them when they were younger. We know all our steer’s heritage and for the most part their parents were also born in Ellington (except for a few prize bulls we have purchased over the years to increase the genetics of our herd). Let’s keep in mind that even grasses have seeds and grains in them. The little top of the grass that pops out is a seed\grain. So we need to accept the fact that any beef will at some point have eaten some grains. Even the so called “100% Grass fed beef” you pay 3 times the amount for. When you plant grass it is a seed\grain just like when a farmer plants a hay field he puts seeds in the ground. They are still eating grains no matter how you look at it. If it makes you happy you can pay us 3 times the price so you can feel like you really overpaid for your beef thereby making it better and healthier :o) So the question you should be asking is do you feed your cattle an artificially high grain diet. And the answer is no we do not!
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  • JT Farms mission statement
    Our mission is to encourage an understanding of the connection between the food we eat, the life we live and the health of our community. We accomplish this by offering fresh, flavorful and nutrient rich vegetables grown and sold right here in Ellington, CT, and offering a healthy beef with our tender, nutritious beef. products.
    Support a healthy community
    Buying local food and goods is a great way to keep your family and community strong and healthy. Local food is fresh and natural and goes from field to table the way nature intended. When you support local businesses we all win.

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