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Our mission is to encourage an understanding of the connection between the food we eat, the life we live, and the health of our community. We accomplish this by offering all natural hormone and antibiotic free beef. 

Our beef is sold in bulk ONLY. Whole, Half and "1/4 Bundle" are available for purchase; limited availability. Place orders ASAP














With the huge increase in popularity in our beef, there are a lot of people asking if our beef is grass fed. The answer is yes, we feed our cattle grass. From birth, they are either on pasture or their hay bunks are full at all times. Our cattle are all raised on forage, hay, and silage, (ground up Corn stalks). We do this to give them a well-rounded healthy balanced diet. Believe it or not the whole ground up corn stalk has good nutritional value that grasses alone do not provide.



We strive to put the best, highest quality and healthiest beef possible on your plate. We never use any antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. Our beef is conceived in Ellington, born in Ellington and raised in Ellington. We do not buy someone else’s culled animals not knowing what was done to their parents or them when they were younger. We know all our steer’s heritage and for the most part their parents were also born in Ellington (except for a few prize bulls we have purchased over the years to increase the genetics of our herd).


Let’s keep in mind that even grasses have seeds and grains in them. The little top of the grass that pops out is a seed\grain. So we need to accept the fact that any beef will, at some point, have eaten some grains.


The question you should be asking is, "Do you feed your cattle an artificially high grain diet?" And the answer is, "No we do not!"

grass fed beef in CT
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